Cannot see or access files on NAS

  Peter Lanky 09:55 07 Mar 13

Last week I updated the firmware on my QNAP TS-210 NAS running the latest version of Twonky Media Server. After doing so, I found that as well as my existing music, I also had 5 'samples', which were stored in a folder called 'samples' in QMultimedia. Not wanting these samples, I deleted the folder, but they are still present somewhere on the NAS.

If I check the details on Linn Kinsky software, I am given the path: ( being my NAS) Yet no amount of searching can find these files, and I don't understand the path. Similarly I have received 2 x 5 second samples from some place called, and like the other samples, I can't locate them to delete them. The path in this case is: If I copy the paths above into my browser, the sample plays in a Quick Time window, but I can't locate the source.

I can see the files in Windows Media Player, but can't delete them. I cannot see them in any Windows search, in any web browser, or in Mp3Tag. I cannot find them if I open a DOS Window, and look for them there.

  lotvic 16:01 07 Mar 13

is this any good, In Windows Media Player I can rightclick on a song and the bottom option is 'Open File Location' this opens Windows Explorer and the folder where the song is.

  Peter Lanky 16:19 07 Mar 13

It only gives me that option for files on my PC, but not for those on the NAS.


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