Cannot see files on server

  STREETWORK 22:11 13 Jan 08

I can connect using ftp (FTP Commander) to my freeserve webspace ( but when connected cannot see any files on the server. Can anyone shed some light on this please, its doin me ead in...

  Kemistri 14:53 14 Jan 08

Obvious questions first...

Does the server display the files as normal when the URL is called?
Are you looking in the right folder?
Are you certain that there are files present?

  STREETWORK 18:45 14 Jan 08

Yes, server displays ok click here

Yes, looking at correct folder

All files are present.

It just seems weird that i cannot see them when connected using ftp sofware. Also, just to check I turned off the router fire wall but no difference..

  Kemistri 20:18 14 Jan 08

Does any other FTP client repeat the problem?

If you don't already have more than one, try any free app from click here

If you're still stuck, contact Freeserve support or maybe wait for the FE to come by - he sometimes helps out with FTP issues if you're willing to send him your login info (don't send it to anyone else though, obviously!)

  STREETWORK 21:08 14 Jan 08

Have now tried 3 ftp clients and the same issue with them. Also contacted freeserve (orange) and got the standard reply with no help from them other than ring the helpline at 50p per min.

the issue remains at this time...

  Patr100 21:47 14 Jan 08

Try ticking or unticking "passive" mode.

  STREETWORK 21:14 15 Jan 08

Have tried all modes but with no success...

  CodeMeister 22:05 15 Jan 08

Try FileZilla (click here for details).

I always find it reliable.

  STREETWORK 16:37 16 Jan 08

Just tried filezilla and the same problem, cannot see server files. I think it could be a firewall problem, unfourtunatly the ISP (Orange) is no help at all saying they do not support old freeserve webspace but I believe this to be utter rubbish as its part of the package I signed up to...

  STREETWORK 20:27 17 Jan 08


  mco 21:30 17 Jan 08

just bumping you up because if you ask him nicely and he's not too busy, FE might be able to have a look up there for you as kemistri quite rightly said

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