Cannot see all the desktop?

  Whaty 12:23 13 Jul 07

A colleague at work mentioned that they cannot see all their desktop, they can move the cursor, icons, etc off the screen either side. They say they have tried screen resolution settings, adjusting the monitor settings, all the usual basic stuff but nothing seems to be able to resolve the problem.

I seem to recall seeing something very similar to on this forum a little while back, I've tried a search but for the life of me I can't find it.

In my colleagues case the problem seems to have started since they switched back from using two monitors to one, although they claim to have reset everything.... checked and double checked.

Very hard to give any more info without actually seeing it for myself.

Any ideas?


  Guardianangel 17:41 13 Jul 07

Have they tried 'stretching' the screen either side, top and bottom, with the arrows that appear when you hover over the edges?

  malcolme 18:12 13 Jul 07

If you cannot get it to work, reconnect the second monitor and change the settings.

  Whaty 12:45 14 Jul 07

Guardianangle, the way they are describing the problem it is the actual desktop, not a window, and therefore the sizing arrows don't appear at the edges of the screen.

malcolme, I'll suggest that, it's worth a try.

Like I said, without seeing the problem myself and having a 'play' so to speak it's a little difficult... you never really know what people have done or are trying to do.

But, I do remember someone posting a very similar problem and getting an answer... wish I'd bookmarked it now.!

Thanks for your replies,

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