Cannot run Programs

  Farleyjim 10:33 27 Mar 05

Following on from a previous posting (26/3/05) about difficulty booting up after DVD Recorder and Nero installation, I am now in panic mode since I can only boot up with a white desktop with all the icons but the machine stops there.I've lost my desktop wallpaper and none of the desktop icons respond. I can boot up into safe mode but I cannot see anything obvious. Please help--- my friend wants to take his PC back to France with him on Wednesday.

  rawprawn 10:50 27 Mar 05

I think if you right click on the white desk top, you get the option to make it active which is what you want. It has happened to me in the past and I think that is the answer although I thought there was a message telling you.

  Farleyjim 11:23 27 Mar 05

Thank you Rawprawn. My main concern, however, is not being able to run any programs--- nothing responds to the mouse. I've backed up all the files using another hard disk and using safe mode, but when I close down and try to start in normal mode, I am back to white screen and no programs.

  rawprawn 11:37 27 Mar 05

Can you run a system file check in safe mode ?

  rawprawn 11:41 27 Mar 05

Instead of going into Safe mode, can you boot from "Last known good configuration"

  Farleyjim 11:45 27 Mar 05

Not sure how you do that, but since I last posted I have discovered something which is probably relevant.I managed to open task manager and saw that "Ccapp was not responding". Any clues for anybody? Getting more paniccy!

  rawprawn 11:49 27 Mar 05

click here Have you got Norton Anti virus running?

  rawprawn 11:51 27 Mar 05

Tap F8 on booting and instead of selecting "Safe Mode" select "Last known good configuration"

  rawprawn 11:56 27 Mar 05

What OS are you using, I have been assuming XP

  Farleyjim 12:06 27 Mar 05

There is no "Last known good configuration" option on Windows 98 which is what I'm running.
I've done a scanreg/restore to get my desktop picture back---same thing I suppose. I've done a Norton System check but when it gets to "C shortcut scan the PC shuts down and boots up until it gets to the flashing cursor at top left, and I can then only boot in Safe Mode. I'm getting giddy going round in circles!

  rawprawn 12:21 27 Mar 05

I'm sorry, I don't really know much about Win 98, have a look here click here

and see if this helps. If not I am sure that someone in this forum will come to help you.

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