cannot resume recovery backup creation

  Markito 11 Feb 12

I have an HP Compaq laptop (using Windows XP Pro) and am trying to create a set of backup recovery disks. I was informed that I would need either 14 CDs or 3 DVDs, so I chose the latter. The message also said that the backup would resume where I left off if I didn't record all in one session. So, the first DVD recorded completely and correctly. But the next day, on inserting a second DVD and trying to resume where I had left off, the computer said that it was DVD No 1, not No. 2.

How can I convince my computer to recognise that it has already recorded one third and to resume with DVD number 2?

Many thanks for any help with this.

  robin_x 11 Feb 12

The resume function may only be for a temporary halt, not till next day.

Make them all in one go. If a verify option is available, use it.

Note that optical discs, as well as the hard drive recovery partition, can be corrupted with time.

While you can only make one set of Manufacturer's Factory Recovery Discs, there is nothing to stop you cloning the 1st set for belt and braces peace of mind.

If you have an external hard drive, you can also make System Images (with a Boot CD) of the current state of your system and everything on it, including Windows.

This means that the Factory Recovery discs really are only needed as an absolute last resort.

Easeus Todo backup is one suitable app.

  Markito 11 Feb 12

Thank you Robin. It's a pity that the first DVD took almost 2 hours to record, so that was time wasted...but obviously my fault.

It seems I'll have to start again, obviously first thing in the morning and lose the use of my laptop for more or less the day.

(I don't have an external hard drive.)


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