Cannot record "what you hear" sound from speakers

  Esc4p3 12:46 30 Oct 07

I have a Creative X-fi extreme audio sound card (latest drivers) and Vista. I have tried both Audacity and the 'capture audio' application within Roxio, and neither of them gives me the option to record what is coming out of the speakers ("What you Hear"). I have visited the Creative forums, and there seems to be a strong suggestion that there are driver issues for Creative cards within Vista.

I have been into control panel/sound, and made sure that all audio components are enabled, which they were. No audio channels are muted.

Obviously, if it is a driver issue then I am stuck, although everything else with the card works fine. Can you please advise whether there is anything else I can try. Thanks.

  Esc4p3 14:20 30 Oct 07

Ahh, I did go into the sound control panel to enable everything, but I am not sure I went into a specific recording option tab. Will have a look tonight as I am at work at the moment. Thanks.

  Esc4p3 08:42 31 Oct 07

Double checked last night. All devices are enabled but all I have are speakers, SPDIF, Auxillary and Line in. I dont have a stereo mix or any other listing in the Recording tab.

Any other suggestions please.

  Probabilitydrive 09:36 31 Oct 07

I think till December last year Creative shipped their card with the 'What you hear' feature (on the installation disc).

However, since than this feature disappeared form the Crative X-fi extreme audio. (not so form higher spec cards I might add).

The only way round I found on my Vista system ( + the same sound-card as you) was to uninstall the latest drivers, dig out my installation disc (Dec 2006) and install drivers from there - mysteriously I suddenly had the 'What you hear' feature back.

Some more info on Creative forum : click here

  Esc4p3 12:48 31 Oct 07

Thanks Marg7 and Probdrive....

Will definately try the additional control panel tweaks, but I am cautious about messing with drivers in Vista (well any OS really). I have to weigh the risk of fiddling, over how much I really want the 'what you hear' feature. Thanks for the link, that is great.

  Weskit 18:46 31 Oct 07

Have you considered any other recorder such as Jet Audio which I use with XP but I see is also available as a freebie for Vista.

  Esc4p3 08:45 01 Nov 07

Not heard of jet audio, but if the service that allows 'what you hear' recording is not working in Vista/creative, then I am not sure it will work any better?

Had a further root around in control panel, and could not find anything as suggested by Marg7. So having looked at the link to the creative forum, it looks like I will need to revert to an earlier driver version and give that a go.

  mole44 09:12 01 Nov 07

i use mp3mymp3 look it up on google.if it comes out your speakers it will record it.i don`t know how to ad a link so just google it.

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