Cannot receive pictures

  geedad 20:28 03 Aug 10

I have sent some photos to a friend, but she tells me that she cannot receive them. They are .jpg files, reduced to enable them to be sent without clogging up the network. She tells me that there is a requirement by her PC to be able to see the photos, and she is unable to explain what that is.
Can anyone help, and let me know what could possibly be the trouble?
I am about to change the format of the photos from .jpg to .bmp, to see if that would help.
Many thanks

  geedad 20:52 03 Aug 10

The latest information from her PC is that she needs to create an association in the 'set association control' to be able to see the photos.
Anyone help with the advice I can send her?

  Woolwell 21:43 03 Aug 10

Try right click on the photo and select open with photo viewing program eg for XP Windows Picture and Fax Viewer or for Vista Photo Gallery.

Surprised that a default for jpg isn't already set up.

  geedad 22:32 03 Aug 10

XP, Send and Receive. When I send 1 picture, she receives about seven files!! - " This file does not have a program associated with it". As I stated, they were .jpg files, but .bmp files had same reception!
She is unable to open the file(Photo), so cannot get Windows Picture and Fax Viewer to work.
I thought the same as you, it is strange that the files don't open.
What does she need to do to 'see' the photos?

  Woolwell 22:34 03 Aug 10

Is she using Outlook Express?

Think we need extra help.

  geedad 22:52 03 Aug 10


She uses 'Hotmail'. This is an annoying situation, but typical of the complexity of computers requiring many different configurations to make programs work.
One universal extension or whatever ought to be OK for all applications!
Is there any other forum member able to help?
And thank you, Woolwell.

  Ashrich 10:38 04 Aug 10

click here , and scroll down to jpe/jpg/jpeg fix , she can download it and run it , it will fix file association problems with these type of files . There are fixes for loads of different file types .


  ella33 12:52 04 Aug 10

Do bear in mind that Hotmail auto compresses, I was doing this a while ago, so it might be best not to send in that format

Though I think Ashrich's fix is probably the best way ahead

  geedad 13:09 04 Aug 10

Ashrich. Thanks! Looks a likely solution!
ella33. Thanks!

  woodchip 13:57 04 Aug 10

IE or any other Browser can open them, so from list to associate choose the above.

She would be better getting a Photo Editing Program

  geedad 19:45 04 Aug 10

Thanks, woodchip, I hadn't considered that.

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