cannot play games on please

  yvie 17:46 30 Jan 07

Hi there

I have tried to play games on this site, but the whole screen flashes.....its saying that I havent got flash (but I have) and its trying to downloan active x...but it isnt!!!! It says click on the yellow bar to allow it but apart from the fact that the whole page is flashing there is NO yellow bar!

I have my cookies on medium....ive scanned and changed firewalls and changed from avast to avg.....and I also cannot send emails to my yahoo adress from either blueyonder or msn.

Something very odd is happening has anyone any ideas please?

  skidzy 18:10 30 Jan 07

Try flashplayer from here click here

The top version is for Firefox,2nd one for IE.

If this does not work,you may have to uninstall flash using the Adobe uninstaller,and reinstall flashplayer.

  yvie 19:32 30 Jan 07

Very many thanks.

It worked although during the download it said there was a file error but I skipped it anyway and it worked!

Dont know if I have done right or wrong by doing that but the site is working.

Thanks again for your help

  skidzy 19:40 30 Jan 07

No problem yvie.
Dont forget to tick resolved as this may help others in the future.
Good luck.

  yvie 19:56 30 Jan 07

Hi Skidzy : )

Ok all ticked.
Thanks again


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