Cannot open MP3 music file

  loaders 20:10 21 Feb 08

I have downloaded a tune via Limewire(is this my mistake)and when I try to play it on Media Player 11(OS system Vista)I get the message"the file you are attempting to open has an extension(.mp3)that does not match the file format.Playing may result in unexpected behaviour.Do you want to try to play this content.
When I click yes nothing happens and I get a box up asking if I want to run click here which I have not.
I thought media player 11 was able to play all music formats? Any help greatly appreciated.

  AlexPB 20:18 21 Feb 08

Thats Limewire for you. People have been warned about the outcome of using programs like these.

  interzone55 20:34 21 Feb 08

The linked download will probably be spyware.

There's quite a lot of downloads on Limewire & Pirate Bay that are malware, or are bundled in wrappers that need some dodgy program to enable them to play.

Avoid this sort of stuff like the plague...

  MaxUpload 07:54 22 Feb 08

Hi loaders :

The program "fastmp3player" is what can be termed :

"Boobytrapped Spam" or "A major threat" etc. depending on who you ask.

The mp3 you think you have isn't....delete it and move on!

  MaxUpload 07:56 22 Feb 08


The mp3 you think you have isn't "safe"...

  loaders 13:52 22 Feb 08

Thanks chaps for your advice it is appreciated.
I seem to have made a rod for my own back in that I am now getting a stream of Pop Up Adverts despite having Norton 360 and Windows defenderwhich are supposed to sort this sort of problem out.They both show everything as being normal when I run a scan on them.
I do have Ad-Aware 2007 and Spy Bot Search & Destroy on a current disc,do you have any knowledge of either of these.Would they sort out my problem???

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