Cannot login to Messenger

  Henrik Ibsen 16:00 26 Jun 05

I seem to be on this helpsite more often than any other lately. I recently had a problem with logging on to certain websites including MSN Hotmail, ebay and MSN Messenger which was solved by downloading and using Mozilla Firefox.

However, Messenger remains unavailable. I am informed that signing in the MSN Messenger failed because the service is temporarily unavailable and yet this has persisted for about a week. It advises me to please try later and gives the error code 800b0001. The only help that MSN ever offer, of course, are those absurd FAQs that have never once solved a problem of mine in many, many years of computing.

Can anyone of you decent human beings help?

  mattyc_92 16:08 26 Jun 05

Have you tried re-installing MSN Messenger as this has happened to me before and this usually is the last resort, but always sorts it out... Also, have you checked your firewall settings?

  Henrik Ibsen 16:14 27 Jun 05

I don't think changing Firewall settings will do anything, will it? They have been pretty much the same for a long time.

I was worrying whether re-installing messenger would get rid of my list of my contacts, or would this still remain on the MSN network?

  mattyc_92 16:17 27 Jun 05

Your contacts are saved on the MSN servers, so you wont lose them... BUT you will lose any emoticons that you have got and any display images as well (these are stored in dat files on your computer)

  Henrik Ibsen 18:09 27 Jun 05

No luck! It's the same as before.

  Henrik Ibsen 19:41 29 Jun 05

Can anyone help with this at all? Has anyone ever come across an error code 800b0001?

  VoG II 19:54 29 Jun 05
  Henrik Ibsen 22:30 29 Jun 05

Thanks again, VoG. You're a star!

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