Cannot log on to Windows 7

  maestrophil 10:55 28 Feb 15

I have a Compaq Presario running Windows 7. Yesterday it downloaded several updates from Microsoft. Now when I start it, it goes to the log on screen and says "The group policy client failed the login. Access is denied". And that is it...can't get further than that in safe mode either. I click ok, it says logging off, and turns off. AAAARRRGGHHH!!

  robin_x 11:39 28 Feb 15

Did you try System Restore to an earlier date?

  rdave13 13:15 28 Feb 15

As Jock1e but get someone to create a system-repair-disc-windows-7 for you unless you've already created one.

  Secret-Squirrel 13:33 28 Feb 15

Phil, Robin's System Restore idea is a good one but you'll obviously have problems running it if you can't login.

Fortunately, most PCs, and especially big-name brands, have a "Repair your computer" option that includes the System Restore component. You get to it by starting your PC and immediately tapping F8 quickly until the menu appears - the option you need is at the top. Launch System Restore and choose an available restore point that pre-dates the start of your problem.

Note: If available as a repair option, don't click on "System Recovery" (or similar sounding option) as that restores the PC back to its factory defaults and erases all data.

  robin_x 14:40 28 Feb 15

I didn't expand, because details were given yesterday in OP's other thread.

click here

Note that F8 Repair is most prevalent on W7 computers. Otherwise you may just get Safe Mode options and need a Repair CD, which can be made on any W7 machine, or an Install DVD.

W8/10 Fast booting can cause problems getting the F8 detected. Other ways in are then required.

  matt2000 14:44 28 Feb 15

While this may not be the solution, malware can stop the Group Policy Client. Please follow the link below to see if anything is found preventing the normal operation of the service.

click here you cannot use Defender Offline download the Live USB version of Panda Cloud Cleaner and see if this allows you to reach the desktop.


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