Cannot log onto outlook account

  GuZ><0r 16:59 17 Jan 06

I have just tried to recieve my e-mails using Outlook Express 2003. I have 2 accounts on it and just now it is asking for me to enter a password for one of them, and does not logon even tho the password is correct. yesterday however it both accounts were working. And I onyl have to do the details for this account. Could it be that Outlook is messing around or that my account has been hacked or something and someone has changed the password. Also the account is form an old freeserver dial-up account, so could it of been removed as I am now using Tiscali?

Thanks if anybody can help.

  PC Bilbo 17:19 17 Jan 06

How long since you used this free ISP a/c.

Many such become automatically de-activated if you cease using them for a specified period. Sometimes they can be re-activated by phone or e-mail. Depends on ISP.

  GuZ><0r 17:29 17 Jan 06

We have been using it for many years now, but I cannot remember how long. But recently we have changed from Freeserve to Tiscali, since last summer. Would this mean as we have not been using Freeserve as our ISP but just recieving e-mails, that we have been disconnected?

  PC Bilbo 17:47 17 Jan 06

Freeserve is now Wanadoo.See click here
to restore account or retrieve settings.

I am wondering how your email accounts are set up.Are you using Tiscali as both your ISP and main e-mail account but importing the freeserve account into your current Tiscali address?

  GuZ><0r 17:51 17 Jan 06

Sorry, can't have explained very well. Before I got Tiscali BB I had Freeserve has my ISP and had an e-mail account with them. I now use Tiscali BB for the internet and my ISP. Tiscali also gave me an e-mail, which I also use. I now no longer use Freeserve as my ISP but I do use its e-mail. I have both e-mail accounts on Outlook Express. I can recieve the e-mails form my Tiscali e-mail but not my Freeserve e-mail.

Hope this is explained better. Thanks

  PC Bilbo 18:30 17 Jan 06

OK understand.

Lets take it a step at a time.Have you set up the Freeserve account as described here ?

click here

I take it you have created a new user account for freeserve after setting up Tiscali so in theory you can switch back and forth between user accounts in outlook express.

  GuZ><0r 18:36 17 Jan 06

I did not set up a new account with Freeserve, I used my old one when they were my ISP.

  PC Bilbo 20:41 17 Jan 06

Sorry, I have obviously phrased that badly.

I did not mean a new freeserve user account, I meant adding (creating) a new Outlook Express account with your existing freeserve user account details.

  eqskey 20:53 17 Jan 06

The thread is a bit confusing~you should only have the accounts that you are using
listed,delete the old ones.
With OE click Tools->Accounts delete old ones if listed.Are you using a spam filter?
McAfee can be troublesome~it changes the pop3 to a numerical address!
With OE click Tools->Accounts->Properties->Servers and then check Pop3 and SMTP entries.
pop3 should be
smtp should be

  PC Bilbo 22:30 17 Jan 06

I don't think getting Tiscali working is the probem.

You can add an account in addition to Tiscali so when you switch identity you can use a different account. Irun 3 on my computer and can switch between them.

The link I provided from Wanadoo's site explains how to do this by setting up a new identity as if you are using freeserve but under servers you enter instead of the freeserve smtp

Freeserve settings here : click here

click here will take you to correct wanadoo page on how to find out if freeserve account is still active.

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