Cannot Log On To Incoming Mail Server With Outlook

  DavidM4 12:25 27 Nov 05

Trying to set up my new email account up on Outlook or Outlook Express and I keep getting "cannot log on to incoming mail server (POP3)" error "please verify the settings in the user name, password and e mail fields" I have checked them and to my knowledge they are correct, what am I doing wrong?

  ACOLYTE 12:36 27 Nov 05

What email service are you using,it may be possible to check online for the settings.

  DavidM4 12:46 27 Nov 05

I have all the relevent server settings & if thats what you mean, it's really doin my head in. The settings have been comfirmed as correct by the server.

  ACOLYTE 12:54 27 Nov 05

It may be a simple tick in a box or tick out of a box thats needed,does the sever need authentication? do you need to log on with a secure password?you could try adding pop to the front of, so its,dont know if it would help but it cant hurt.

  DavidM4 13:20 27 Nov 05

Yeah just tried the pop idea and no it did not work.

  Forum Editor 13:25 27 Nov 05

but you are online when you try this aren't you?

Forgive me for mentioning it, but you would be surprised at how many times I've been confronted with this question in the past, only to find that the person in question wasn't connected when the error message appeared.

Otherwise - are you running a firewall that might be intervening?

  DavidM4 13:38 27 Nov 05

yeah I am online, it's when I click the "test account settings" button on Outlook all the tests pass except for the incoming mail server (POP3) test. I'll look into the firewall.

  anchor 13:39 27 Nov 05
  DavidM4 13:42 27 Nov 05

tried it with the firewall off and still nothing.

  DavidM4 13:45 27 Nov 05
  anchor 09:59 28 Nov 05

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