Cannot install hardware

All of a sudden when I start pc a box appears saying cannot install new hardware - the rpc server is not available. Its for my printer and the disc is in the drive with all drivers on it.

  rossgolf 16:52 28 Feb 08

can you use the printer?

No I can't. There are no ! in device manager either.

  rossgolf 17:49 28 Feb 08

is there anything printer related installed on the computer?
try unistallin that and re installing

  Jak_1 17:55 28 Feb 08

What printer? Is the printer a new one or has it been installed previously? What operating system?

Its worked fine previous to a format. Its an oldish one HP 7960. Windows XP. I cant install manually cos it says the print spooler is not running. I have the drivers disc so whats the prob?!

  rossgolf 18:11 28 Feb 08

bad connection or anythink hardware related problems that you can see?
erm....i cant think of anythink else to say tbh. sorry.
tried googleing the errors?

I found this but now its gone right over my head click here help please!!

  Numbnuts2001 18:17 28 Feb 08

Right click my computer select manage click services go down to print spooler right click select properties select Auto. also just to make sure just click to start manually but shouldn't be necessary

  Kingfisher 18:22 28 Feb 08

you could check in services to see if the print spooler and rpc are enabled go to sratr then run and type services.msc you will then see all your services listed and check to see if they are enabled if not set them to automatic
good luck

  Kingfisher 18:23 28 Feb 08

sorry should have been start not sratr having a bad day

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