cannot install drivers. no intel(R) adapters are present...

  timhenning 13 Jun 13


i wanted to link a pc to my notebook. i know its possible but the ethernet driver isn't installed on the pc... i downloaded a driver but i have the message "cannot install drivers. no intel(R) adapters are present in this computer"

its a pc with windows xp home model 945GZM-S2 bios award modular bios v6.00PG processor intel core 2CPU 4300 @1.80GHZ

can annyone tell me what driver i have to download for it? i can't connect to internet at the moment so i have to download it with my laptop and transfer it with an external hard disk.

hope U can help me with it but I know from experience that you can. greets and thanks for taking the time...

It sounds like you've tried to install an Intel Ethernet driver - but your Ethernet hardware is from another manufacturer. If you can identify your motherboard, you may be able to find out who the manufacturer is. Realtek is a common manufacturer of Ethernet interfaces for motherboards. (The model number you quote is, I think, the Intel chipset.)

  timhenning 13 Jun 13

system manufacturer is Gigabyte technology Co., Ltd. that's what i can fiend if i run dxdiag...

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13 Jun 13

Try running Belarc Advisor (if you can without an online connection. Not sure if it's an .exe file that you could copy on to a disk and then run on the target machine). With any luck, that'll reveal the actual model number of the Gigabyte motherboard...

Hold on. I think I may have found your motherboard. If you go here, you should be able to download the drivers for it.

Damn your eyes, Fruit Bat /\0/... :-)

  timhenning 13 Jun 13

thanks a lot, i knew i could find a solution in this forum... i allways come here if i have a question... i know my english is not 100% but belgium forums are not good. thanks for helping me out. greets and have a nice day


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