cannot Get Laptop Modem to Work

  SABRE 17:02 16 Feb 04

Have a Dell Inspiron Laptop and found a few weeks ago that it would not connect to the Internet (it had done so for about a year). On connection the modem was stating 'no dial tone'. Proved cables, drivers etc all OK and fault pointed to modem. It was an internal one about the size of one those Listermint breath freshner packs.
Could not get hold of a similar modem so purchased a PCMCIA card. Uninstalled original modem (drivers an' all) and fitted new one. Get message (Cannot Start this Hardware - The device cannot start (Code 10)) Any ideas?

  Stuartli 17:10 16 Feb 04

You;ve asked the same question at the beginning and end of your first thread on this subject, ticked it as Resolved and now started a similar second thread................

  SABRE 17:15 16 Feb 04

Sorry for any confusion. Ticked as resolved because I thought a PCMCIA would be the answer. Having got one and still not working, issue is now back to unresolved.

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