Cannot get away from Align Screen on new PDA

  Loukar 19:23 29 Oct 04

I've just been given a new PDA/GPS system. I've downloaded the CDs to my PC & had the PDA on charge so that the battery is fully charged up.

When I go to power up the PDA I get the manufacturers wlecome page, then the Windows Mobile screen with the instruction Tap the screen to set up the Pocket PC. When I do this it takes me to a Align Screen page
. Itells me to tap the target firnly etc & the targey will continue to move until the screen is aligned.

Which I then do but apart from moving the target around the screen to return to the 1st posiyion nothing else happened

I've tried resetting the PDA switching it on & off etc no avail

It probably something that I am missing that is very simple but I'm getting very flustrated & the PFA will be flying out of the window soon

  Loukar 21:01 29 Oct 04

thanx i knew it would be something simple

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