cannot format drive

  birddog 16:56 02 Dec 06

i have a maxtor harddrive and although it shows up in the device manager and it says that it is working properly i cannot access it at all not even to format it, it doesn't show in 'my computer' i have contacted maxtor[or seagate as it is now]and nothing on their website helps. can anyone help me with this problem?

  Diodorus Siculus 16:58 02 Dec 06

Right click on my computer

choose manage

from there choose disk management

You can format it there.

  Diodorus Siculus 17:00 02 Dec 06

click here for a colour guide.

  ed-0 18:00 02 Dec 06

Is this your main hard drive, the one that has windows on it?

If it is, then you will not be able to format the drive while it is in windows. The operating system will not allow you to cut it's own throat by formatting it. You will have to format it outside of windows.

That can be done by using the XP setup disk, Fdisk and a windows 9X disk ( sometimes ) or a free program like kill disk, that runs from a floppy disk.

  zarobian 18:14 02 Dec 06

Is it a SATA drive?
If not follow ed-0's advice.


  ed-0 18:55 02 Dec 06

" sorry ed, i didn't explain very well, i have now sorted it, thanks, bdog "


It's best to send your replies here, through the forum. Though I don't mind people sending me an e-mail, it helps the forum for everyone to see the progress you are making. It also helps those searching through the help pages to find a solution to a problem.

Though we don't know what the solution is, pleased you have it sorted.

  birddog 12:04 03 Dec 06

i have now formatted the drive following the advice of diodorus siculus.
thank you all for your advice.

  ed-0 18:17 03 Dec 06

thanks for letting us know how you solved your problem birddog.;-)

  Diodorus Siculus 14:39 29 May 07

i have followed yor instructions and i have the drive management screen but how exactly do i format this drive, what are the steps ????????????? regards, birdog

formatting drive


When you get to the disk within diskmanagement, you need to right click on it and one of the options will be to format it.

  birddog 16:43 29 May 07

thanks for your reply but the 'format' option is greyed out. what i have done is install a drive from my old pc into a caddy[set as slave]it recognises it in disk management but wont let me format it, it will let me 'delete partition' but i dont know if i should.
thanks again

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