cannot format

  navin-1225945 07:56 25 Dec 07

helo.... when i start 2 4mat my pc... everything is ok until the final installation.... suddenly my pc shut down itself.... then now.... even halfway of installing the windows... the pc shut down.... y itz happening like tis ah... do u mind helping me????

  rawprawn 08:57 25 Dec 07

Are you trying to Format, or install? XP or Vista?

  navin-1225945 09:02 25 Dec 07

i already 4mat.. n i try 2 install xp.... bt it keep on shutting down... plz help me..

  Diemmess 09:37 25 Dec 07

This problem seems very similar to one running only a day or two ago. click here
There are many suggestions, one of them may be your answer!

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