Cannot drag from external drive to ipod?

  just11 18 Jun 11

Hi Guys, Could you please help. I have a xp desktop and when i insert the ipod in the usb and my external hard drive they seem to cancel out each other so i therefore cannot drag tracks into my ipod music screen?? When i use these devices seperate they are fine but together they dont seem to talk to each other. Can you help me please Many thanks Jay

  woodchip 18 Jun 11

If it uses a SD card take the card out then put it in a Reader connected to your PC look on the card for the correct folder to drag your files to.

Best way is right click and drag the choose copy hear

  just11 18 Jun 11

Hi Woodchip im a bit of a non pc bloke could you put that into laymans terms please lol. I plug both ipod and external drive into the usb ports if that helps then before just drag but not anymore??

  woodchip 18 Jun 11

Does the Ipod have a Memory Card? if it does take it out and put it in a Memory Card Reader

Like this one

Click Hear This is a multi Card Reader for different kinds of memory, You then plug it into the USB on your PC it will show as removable drives to which you can drag and drop to, but use the right click on your mouse to drag and drop

  woodchip 18 Jun 11

PS when you look at the card on your PC you should find it as different folders on it look for the one for pictures or music etc drop the correct folder

  canarieslover 18 Jun 11

Until you can get them to work together why not just create a temporary folder to drag files into from the external hard drive. You should then be able to drag them onto your iPod from there. Not the quickest way of doing things but at least it should work.


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