cannot down load e-mail offers

  nutty norm 11:11 28 May 13

When I had google chrome and had e-mail offers I just had to click on them and they just downloaded automatically, now with internet explorer it says The file does not have a program associated with it for performing this action, Please install a program or, if one is installed, create an association in the Default program Control Panel. Should I go back to having Chrome or not, Nutty norm W/7

  iscanut 11:16 28 May 13

Not sure what you mean ! What are you actually trying to download ?

  Chronos the 2nd 11:21 28 May 13

Is it a PDF you are trying to download?

  spuds 11:25 28 May 13

I use Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and very rarely Internet Explorer on my computer systems.

So if you are having a problem, why not try and use other browsers as a back-up. Installing all three cannot do any harm. Use one as a default if you wish?.

I am not sure, but is the Internet Explorer message asking for a PDF program, that requires installing. If it is then perhaps try Foxit or Abode. You will get a free download from

  spuds 11:29 28 May 13

A posting at 8 minutes and another at 3 minutes, I have been getting Server Overload trying to post a response :O(

  nutty norm 13:05 28 May 13

Nutty Norm here,I will start again with my query, When I had google chrome as my web browser (which I had a lot of trouble with)I have taken it of and have google as my web page in Internet explorer,i used to be able to look at my e-mails and if there was any downloads I could just click on them and they would download any trials that were on offer now they wont download and I get the message that was said in my last query, nutty norm.

  john bunyan 15:03 28 May 13

First of all, I would be very careful in opening attachments, especially if you have not requested them. Secondly the attachments should have a suffix, such as .doc or .pdf. In W7 you can associate these suffixes with a programme via "Start", "Control panel", Default programmes. Alternatively save the attachment to a folder then study the suffix, open the appropriate programme then open the file. EG a .tiff file comes in. Save then open in your photo editor. DO check by scanning with your anti virus and anti malware before opening though.

  lotvic 15:20 28 May 13

Could it be that nutty norm is clicking on a link in an email and he does not have a default browser defined so the 'link' does not know which program (browser) to open to start the download of whatever it is.

  rdave13 15:22 28 May 13

Are these downloads links in the email? Check that IE is set to be the default browser even if you only have IE. As above if you don't know the sender, or even if you think you do, I'd be very wary of opening attachments or opening links.

  lotvic 15:23 28 May 13

snap, rdave13 :)

  rdave13 15:23 28 May 13

Beat me to it lotvic :)

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