Cannot delete MPEG file

  Yimbo 11:55 05 Sep 06

An alien MPEG video file (of a particularly unsavoury sort) has appeared in "My Music". I've no idea how it got there - all the other files are audio. But I cannot delete this rogue file. It will not respond to any command - delete, move, open, play, send to etc etc. I definitely want rid of it! How do I do it please? I use XP Home. Thanks

  Yimbo 12:38 05 Sep 06

Hi Pattoo - - It says nothing - it's just completely unresponsive. I can highlight it - but it will not follow any kind of command.

  David4637 20:49 06 Sep 06

pattoo's S/W link will also delete index.dat files, they are XP system files that hold personal tracking data!! Thanks David

  Yimbo 12:48 08 Sep 06

Sorry to keep on about my problem - but I still can't get rid of this file! Anyone got any ideas? Much appreciated!

  GroupFC 13:01 08 Sep 06

Have you tried getting rid of it in safe mode?

  Yimbo 16:46 08 Sep 06

I've tried deleting in "Safe" mode - but, as with the regular mode, "delete" is not an option provided - unlike all the other (audio) files. Surely I'm not condemned to have this, thus far unresponsive, rogue Mpeg file on "My Music" forever!!

  Yimbo 23:26 08 Sep 06

Surely someone - somewhere - can help resolve this problem! I'm really stuck folks!!

  Strawballs 23:32 08 Sep 06
  Eastender 09:43 09 Sep 06

This might help click here

  Yimbo 04:42 10 Sep 06

I'm trying your route first, Eastender,as it looks a bit more hopeful to someone with my limited experience. I need your advice though. When I follow the instructions given, I'm OK till I get to "At the command promt, type DEL <filename> where <filename> is the file you wish to delete" I'm not sure what to enter as the file name. It appears in "My Music" as a name with about 23 words followed by "MPEG File". Do I enter all the words as the filename or just the first few? This is an area where mistakes could be costly - so I want to be sure. Thanks!

  ened 08:36 10 Sep 06

Can you copy the file name? If you can then paste it into the relevant place.
I would suggest the filename is the entire thing including .mpeg.

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