Cannot connect monitor to PC now.

  cheerup347 02:03 12 Sep 09


On my home PC. I recently replaced the case and upgraded the PSU. (no problems with that)

But I opened it up and neatened/cable tied all the wires out of the way of the fans and when I tried again, I got no signal from my PC to my monitor.

I've tried my computer on a different monitor but still the same.

I'm using the monitor connection on my graphics card as the one on my motherboard actually died on me about a year ago so it wouldn't suprise me if the same thing has happened to my graphics card.

Just wanted some advice. Should I just buy a new graphics card?


  mrwoowoo 03:37 12 Sep 09

Check to see if the graphics card is seated properly.It may have moved whilst you swapped cases.
Make sure that you are using the graphics card slot and not the motherboard one.I know that sounds silly,but it has been done before.

  mrwoowoo 03:53 12 Sep 09

Also check your ram is properly seated and all your cables. Since you have been tying cables out of the way it's very likely that something is loose.
Do you get the 'no signal' message or just a blank screen?
Do you here any beeps from the PC?

  mrwoowoo 03:55 12 Sep 09

here = hear... It's been a long night.)O:!

  cheerup347 12:09 12 Sep 09

No beeps from computer at all. I can't be sure the computer is even loading up properly..

I get the "No signal" thing on my monitor then it just stays blank.

Theres no beep from my computer (which I think it may have beeped before when turning on)

replaced the graphics card so it definitely isn't that. I'm thinking it may be a motherboard issue perhaps?


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:15 12 Sep 09

Check all power connections from PSU to motherboard if there is no sound of it trying to boot.

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