Cannot Connect to Internet.

  Legslip 23:08 26 Aug 12

Pals Pc connects to router ok but cannot get on the net. I have disabled Mcfee firewall but still won't connect. It will connect in Safe Mode however. Any thoughts as to the problem.

  rdave13 23:23 26 Aug 12

Uninstall McAfees' firewall and reinstate Windows' firewall. Run Ccleaner's reg cleaner and reboot. See if it connects now. PS you might need to use McAfee's own removal tool.

  Legslip 23:42 26 Aug 12

Thanks rave but if I disable Mcfee firewall as I have done, doesnt that show Mcfee is not the problem? Anyway, I'll try your suggestion in the morning.

  rdave13 23:50 26 Aug 12

No, as sometimes disabling does not stop some of the settings. Remove with McAfee's removal tool then reboot. Check Windows firewall is reinstated.

  Legslip 00:08 27 Aug 12

Thanks Dave. I'll do in the morning and report.

  Ashrich 20:36 28 Aug 12

McAfee produced a bad update which for some ( but not all ) created this problem , McAfee recommend un-installing their product ( using their removal tool if necessary ) and downloading and installing a fresh copy which will have the required corrected update .

  Legslip 23:55 28 Aug 12

Thanks guys. Yes, it was Mcafee that caused the prob. Have romeved using their removal tool and gone to AVG instead. Your help was much appreciated.

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