Cannot connect to the internet

  Spbeyond 17:08 03 Mar 06

I recently formatted my computer and reinstalled windows, before I reformated my internet was working fine. Now after the reinstall all it says is "detecting proxy settings" and then goes to the cannot find page thing. I cant figure out how to get my internet to work. (I am using cable internet, thru a router. Other computers on the network are working fine. Please help ;)

  VoG II 17:12 03 Mar 06

Try this click here

  Spbeyond 17:43 03 Mar 06

Nope, didn't help... The lan connecting is sending but it says 0 on recieved.... Is there just some setting ive botched. It just goes to the "this page cannot be desplayed" I dont get it :(

  Spbeyond 20:37 03 Mar 06

Please, can anyone help me?

  john-232317 20:46 03 Mar 06

Have you tried a repair in network connections in control panel

  keith-236785 20:57 03 Mar 06

open IE 9assuming you use Internet Explorer), click tools/internet options.

then click the connections tab, near the bottom, click on LAN settings.

try all combinations of the two top boxes, on mine i have NO ticks selected but i have had to set the "automatically detect settings" to get it to connect (strange as it works ok without once done)

then apply and close the screens back to the desktop. try IE again.

if you are using Firefox, open firefox, click tools/options, then the "connections settings" button, put a tick in the top box "direct connection to the internet", once again apply and try to connect.

good luck

  RickH0684 21:34 03 Mar 06

Have you configured the computer to connect to the internet via a LAN Connection? If not then you will need to do that initially, if not, who is your ISP? I might be able to offer some detailed help, if not, contact your ISP, they should be able to take you through walk thru steps to get it setup, and it shouldnt cost you no more than a local rate call,

any direct contact "[email protected]"

Regards and Good Luck!

  john-232317 23:07 03 Mar 06

I had a similar problem on a similar setup to you, my first pc was working ok but the second kept getting 0 packets recieved. Apparently it could not auto recieve an address, so i put it in manually after advice from a network guy. Not sure but this may be your problem.

How to...... click here

This is the address i had to put in :

IP Address:
Subnet Mask:

Preferred DNS Server:
Alternate DNS Server:

  Greengage 10:49 04 Mar 06

Try switching off computer and then unplug computer and router from mains - leave 20/30 seconds, plug back in and boot.

  Spbeyond 18:23 04 Mar 06

Okay Im going to try dadyassa's next I think, tried the reboot. No luck. When I pressed repair connection it came up with this.

THe following steps of the repair operation failed:Renewing the Ip address.
Please contact your network admin or ISP

Ok, I have no admin its just a home network. Whats going on here? Thanks everyone.

  john-232317 22:46 04 Mar 06

That is the message I got when i tried the repair, so i went on and put in the address manually.

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