gel 12:36 26 Nov 06

Using roxio I was formatting a disc.
It went on for ever 45 mins I think.
So I tried to stop it eventually using task manager to end programme.
When I try to eject disk or close the Computer I get message' operation cannot be completed The drive is being used by another application or user
Any thoughts please

  johndrew 13:02 26 Nov 06

I presume you were formatting an external HDD.

Depending on the size of the HDD and your CPU it can take quite a time to perform a format. If you are using XP you would probably be better to use `Computer Management` and format from there usinf NTFS.

  James. 13:07 26 Nov 06

If it was a CD/DVD you were formattimg try to copy a file to it, and then eject via Drag-to-Disc.

  gel 13:11 26 Nov 06

Thanks for comment
The disk is still in drive
I stopped formatting and closed the prog with task manager
Now I cannot eject or formate because I get message 'Your primary recording device is being used by DLA.Please wait until DLA is finished, then try again'

  gel 13:15 26 Nov 06

I cannot copy a file to it because I get message There is not enogh free disk space

  rodriguez 13:18 26 Nov 06

Mine sometimes does this - if the program crashes, the recorder will still be stuck in the burn state because nothing can tell it to stop. It won't do any harm to pull the plug out (or remove the battery) and let it restart. Once the power has been cut to the recorder, it will reset to a read state. Then eject the disc and see if it will format again. Windows will just start up as if it's recovered from a crash and it shouldn't cause any problems.

  gel 13:28 26 Nov 06

That's it rodriquez thanks
I took the battery out restarted ejected the disc and closed the computer.All seems back to normal
I am extremely grateful
Shall go and have lunch now and report that all is well again to the cook.

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