Cannot Access any WWW sites

  Neillbb 19:08 25 Sep 04

For some reason, I have lost the ability to access any web sites. I am using AOL 9.0/Broadband. I can access AOL no problem. After lengthy and frustrating discussions with AOL, they suggest that my Internet Explorer file (5.5?) may be corrupt. Any one with any help or experience of this please help.



  Djohn 19:38 25 Sep 04

They may be correct as AOL uses IE to access the web. You could try a repair of 5.5 or better still upgrade to version 6.

  Dan the Confused 20:31 25 Sep 04

I would upgrade to IE6 too, but for a repair guide click here (same method for IE6).

  Dazed&Confused 21:32 25 Sep 04

I am having a similar problem and have posted on this site - see "Internet Explorer" posting in the helproom, maybe some of the suggestions could help you. My problem is still not resolved but two minds could be better than one!

  Neillbb 08:05 27 Sep 04

Thanks folks. Unfortunately, I cannot see Internet Explorer in my add/delete programme, my version of ME doesn't have that facility. Due to the problem, I couldn't upgrade to 6.0 as some of the files are corrupt or missing. So I have decided to install a new hard drive and use the other hard drive as a slave. Thanks all.


  Mr A! 10:46 27 Sep 04

I think it was due to the free version of ZoneAlarm. You cannot uninstall Internet Explorer as it is part of Windows. You can try installing updates from the Windows update site and it should automatically update IE to the latest version.

After uninstalling zonealarm for a bout a month internet explorer was back to normal. I now use OutPost firewall. Never ZoneAlarm Free again!

Hope this helps.

  Stuartli 11:15 27 Sep 04

That just doesn't make sense about ZA, especially as it took about a month for IE to "be back to normal."

I've used ZA for years (free version, always updated to the latest) and, providing the utility is configured correctly, it or something similar, is a must security measure.

It has certainly never affected my use of IE - you are probably more likely to require a utility such as Proxomitron (if you try it, ensure that it is configured EXACTLY as stated):

click here

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