Cannot access any search engines!!

  Raboon 11:53 06 Oct 03

I can access any web site etc except search engines. Can any one tell me why this maybe. I have tried an XP restore etc, and I have used both Internet explorer and the new MSN explorer, with the same problem on both.

In addition I have 3 PC's in a LAN, none of which can access the search engine sites (The modem is shared and only attached to the Host PC)

Please help me

  VoG II 12:07 06 Oct 03

click here possibly

  Raboon 12:11 06 Oct 03

Yeah thanks, but thats the first thing I checked for. The registry is fine and I have ran all the virus checks and updated DAT files etc.....

  Jester2K II 12:13 06 Oct 03

Might help to know WHICH sites and what happens exactly when you try.

  big staff 13:58 06 Oct 03

Raboon, Like you I can't access Google, Msn, alta vista, yahoo or lycos search engines. There may be others too but I can't try them all! I can access everything else I've tried so it's not a connection problem. When I click on Google it tries to open I'd like to know if yours does. I'm hearing at work that there is a trojan called,"coolwebsearch" doing the rounds which is redirecting your browser to their web page. However, you can't connect to them due to the amount of traffic being redirected. Adaware and spybot won't detect it. I even tried the Opera browser but that suffers the same . I'd be interested to know if anyone reading this is having similar problems.

  mark e 14:05 06 Oct 03

I am using XP Pro and can access all the sites you mentioned.


  JIM 14:24 06 Oct 03

Try out the following."note,you may have to view show all files in the folders option."

do a search on c:\ for the files named 'hosts' for all(multiple)files named 'hosts' delete the "ip addresses" that are marked(deleting them all is fine)

To see if it worked open a command prompt(windows xp users only) and type,

ipconfig /flushdns

ipconfig /displaydns

There should be no references to deleted ip addresses, if there is - either you missed a hosts file or something that I have not experienced has occured.

"I have just run the same info from command prompt as below with no ill efects."

If running WINxp open command prompt via the start programs/accessories/command prompt.Paste and copy at the end of the command line show in box.

ipconfig /flushdns --------then press enter.

Repeat the same with --- ipconfig /displaydns which should show no references

A software program called Stardownloader (download manager)older version can also cause a problem, if you have it on your system.

But try the above first.

  big staff 14:57 06 Oct 03

Worked a treat. Got all my search engines back. Cheers

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