Cannon Colour Bubble Jet 4000.Time settings

  hoya 19:36 08 Feb 03

I use Windows 98. When I try to print computer says increase time settings. I know how to do this but don't know what to set them too. Nothing in the manual. I am a mum new to all this.Everyone keeps telling me to buy a new printer. Can you help.thanks.

  spikeychris 20:15 08 Feb 03

I've never used a Cannon but I'm interested,.. what timer settings are you to set?


  crx16 20:19 08 Feb 03

on my HP i had to increase the 'timeout' settings as i kept getting an error.control panel\printers, right click printer,properties,cant advise further but mine were under 'details'

  crx16 20:23 08 Feb 03

ps. i doubled what was already there,i think i went from 45secs to 90secs

  hoya 22:15 08 Feb 03

Thanks everyone. I have already doubled the time settings they were set at 35seconds and 35 secounds. I did go to printers,then properties,then details. The error that came up said Error increase your time settings. Nowhere in the manual does is say what to set at. anon was going to harge before I spoke. thanks everyone for the suggestions.

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