Cancelling bounce facility in MailWasher

  golfpro 07:28 21 Apr 04

My ISP will not allow bouncing of emails, is there a way of stopping MailWasher from checking the "bounce" list box and just leaving the "delete" box checked for all Poss. Spam mails. I have version 1.33.

  Diodorus Siculus 07:40 21 Apr 04

tools, accounts, properties,

untick enable bouncing.

  golfpro 08:44 21 Apr 04

Version 1.33 will only allow bounce cancelling for Black Listed mails, (Tools> black list and Friends list). Accounts> properties, only details account status. Oh well!!!

  Andybear 19:39 21 Apr 04

Why not simply click in the 'Bounce' box and untick them? That's what I do, it works fine.

  end 19:02 22 Apr 04

out of interest , who IS your ISP???

  Wes Tam ;-) 19:29 22 Apr 04

golfpro v 2.0.40 free from click here

  end 23:23 22 Apr 04

am "looking" at the whole issue OF spam and the "fixes" that are posted on the forum; jsut wonder whether the simplest solution is to just dlete the things as they appear, which si I think what Mailwasher asks you to do anyway, isnt it??? as one is requested NOT to "bounce" the things, the only other option is to just chuck them, isnt it??? I am not getting too many, but am still wondering just from where my address has been " raked up" .....and i am NOT opening the things to find out if I am jut a "random hit" with a "multiple mailout", such as we have at work for "universal mailing"......

  GaT7 23:43 22 Apr 04

If you're having prolems with MailWasher there're alternatives like

  GaT7 23:45 22 Apr 04

If you're having prolems with MailWasher there're free alternatives like ePrompter click here or POP Peeper click here. They don't have a bounce feature but you don't need one.

  golfpro 14:11 23 Apr 04

Don't get me wrong MailWasher is OK, and you can uncheck the bounce box by right click except when there are too many messages (you have to click on an empty part of the screen), also I have to stick with version 1.33 as I run two email addresses. My ISP is in Austria.

  GaT7 20:18 23 Apr 04

Right. I like MW too but the free version is limited to only one ISP/email account, or is it two if you're using ver 1.33?

POP Peeper & ePrompter both have unlimited ISPs/email accounts.

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