Can The Zalman Z9 Pro house an Asus motherboard ?

  mr-greenkey 15 Jan 12

Ok so basically I'm not sure if the ZALMAN Z9 PRO can house the ASUS 1155 P8P67-M PRO REV 3.0 M-ATX.

I've looked around a bit but can't find anything, does anyone else know if it will be able to. I heard it is built to house a different type of motherboard (Something like the MXT but don't quote me on that) and I amn't sure ig it can house Asus motherboards aswell.

  D@ve 15 Jan 12

I can't find a Z9 Pro, but I can find a Z9 Plus which house both ATX and mATX motherboards. Here is its official page.

Pretty much every normal / large size computer case on the market will be compatible with ATX and mATX motherboards as almost every motherboard is one or the other.

  D@ve 15 Jan 12

Typo: ...which will house both ATX and mATX motherboards.

So, yes, the Asus board will fit in.

  mr-greenkey 15 Jan 12

Thanks again D@ve :) Yeah, sorry my memory isn't that great which can get a bit annoying for a 15 year old with 4 exams in a weeks time haha!

  johnnyrocker 15 Jan 12

computer assembly should be the last thing on ones mind unless tis part of course work?


  D@ve 15 Jan 12


We all need our leisure time to keep our sanity!

  mr-greenkey 15 Jan 12

Don't worry I've been doing a decent amount of studying :) haha


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