Can you trace PC Actions

  Faelin 02:52 04 Dec 07

Hi people,

I was wondering if anybody knew how to trace the actions of a user on the PC.

For example. if i was still logged on (i am the admin) and someone was to use the PC in my absence, i could see that the user clicked:

Windows Start>Run>Cmd


Windows Start>My Computer>(C:)>Documents and Settings ... etc etc?

A few files have been changed and keep doing so, and it is only two people, so by knowing the actions or timestamp, i could tell who it was.

Your help is appreciated!

Many Thanks


  the pie eater 03:48 04 Dec 07

Not sure i dont think you can but why dont you password the system?

  Faelin 03:53 04 Dec 07

yeh i have done, but you know what its like, sometimes im using it, then have to rush off somewhere, plus ive enabled only a few certain programs to run in my account (for example downloading programs) otherwise they'll download everything.

i just need proof that the folders/files were changed other than right click>Properties.

Thanks for responding though!

  birdface 08:16 04 Dec 07

I know if you are using MSN or Windows Messenger logs are kept on that.But not sure about any other program.

  johnem 08:16 04 Dec 07

You should be able to see the last time a file was modified from within Windows Explorer. Also checked "My recent documents" This may give an indication of the latest opened files. You could set your screen saver to initiate after 1 min and password protect it, this would reduce the chance of others using your session, althought this can be a pain if you have to keep on logging in. You could also set a short cut key stroke that starts your screen saver instantly.

  birdface 08:20 04 Dec 07

It would probably be a good idea to run your Spyware Programs just in case you have a nastie on board which can change your programs.

  Faelin 19:41 04 Dec 07

cheers guys, well the truth is, its kinda personal, but i need to see if particular people are viewing files that i didnt want to be seen, luckily i cam across a program which does exactly what i want,

Its called "Pc Activity Monitor" ... it tells you which user logged on, time stamps every move, records and reports every key stroke, for passwords etc, and tells you which websites are visited, better still, it tells you the directory that they were looking in.

So just fyi, its very good, slightly awkward to use at first, but you can get used to it!

Thanks for the help guys!

Faelin ;)

  Jak_1 02:29 05 Dec 07

If you want to keep files from prying eyes them why not invest in an encryption program to encrypt the files you don't want accessed by anyone bar yourself.
There are any shareware programs and freeware that will do this for you.
If you go to :

click here

and search under encryption you should find what is needed.

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