Can you stop others using your internet

  wildhouse 11:32 05 Aug 10

My sister t hinks someone might be using her internet connection as it has become very slow and she is having problems with it. I suspect she has never done any defrags or done any other kind of clean-up on her computer (she is not computer savvy!). But in case someone is using her connection, is there any way to stop this? Thanks.

  woodchip 11:38 05 Aug 10

Only way they can use her internet is, if she is using her connection Wireless, without the Router Encryption being setup in Wireless Router. If the Encryption is not setup, the connection is classed as Insecure

  Seth Haniel 11:38 05 Aug 10

they are supposed to stop this sort of thing

  wildhouse 11:45 05 Aug 10

Thanks - have told her about making sure her Firewall is set up. Will check if she has wireless enabled - possible as I think her daughter has a laptop!

  mooly 12:07 05 Aug 10

Is she using up to date security software ?

A "hacked" connection would be way down the list of possible problems... much more likely problems with the operating system/system conflicts or malware.

  woodchip 12:23 05 Aug 10

Firewall will not stop others using her connection, You have to setup Wireless Encryption to stop them by Creating a Key in the Router Settings

  woodchip 12:51 05 Aug 10

PS if she as her PC connected to the Router with a Ethernet cable, there is no need for the above and no one can use her connection. Unless Wireless as been enabled in the router without it being Secured

  wildhouse 13:04 05 Aug 10

She doesn't seem to have a router - daughter's laptop now defunct! I have pointed her in the direction of Avast or AVG and also Glarys Utilities. Now sending her details of how to use them.
Thanks all.

  woodchip 14:28 05 Aug 10

If no router then she as no Wireless so no one can use her connection only her

  mooly 18:55 05 Aug 10

I know what I'd do... a full factory recovery (laptops usually have a hidden recovery partition) and start from scratch.
Use the free MSE (Microsoft security essentials) for protection.

If you contemplate that then you must backup your data as you lose the lot... it takes it all back to as new... day 1

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