Can you still buy 100mhz FSB Athlons/Durons?

  bazbazbaz 19:37 01 May 03

Can you still buy 100mhz Front Side Bus Athlon/Durons or have I missed the last of those? (have a 500mhz athlon, dont really know what I'm talking about here but a 100 mhz FSB mobo would need a 100 mhz FSB processor I assume). TIA.

  LastChip 19:49 01 May 03

There's a 1300 Duron available click here

  Rayuk 19:55 01 May 03

Athlon1.1GHZ available at ebuyer
click here

  pj123 21:50 01 May 03

Yes, Duron 1100, 1200 or 1300 available here click here

  Ivor_Monkey 23:00 01 May 03

Some 100 fsb mobo (Dell) can only go to 1100 chps, unless they have an adaptor and then can only go to something like 1400.

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