Can you see who logs on and when

  StellaArtois63 08:55 02 Dec 04

I have been told that using shared accounts on Windows XP that you are able to see who logs on the PC and at what time. Can anybody enlighten me how to do this as I can not seem to find out how. Thanks

  StellaArtois63 11:36 02 Dec 04

Anyone any ideas ?????

  Jackcoms 12:02 02 Dec 04

Go to C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\Administrative Tools\Event Viewer\Security

  the pie eater 13:08 02 Dec 04

The best i have found if you want total control of who has logged on, and what time, and even where and what sites they have looked at is to spend £60 per year on msn priemium. and you get spam blockers,e mail filters.firewall, the lot. great if you have kids as you have total control even in chat rooms you can block who you want to.Well worth £60 to keep certain folks from your kids etc

  StellaArtois63 13:30 02 Dec 04

I thank you both for replying.I was curious about doing this and the way that Jackcoms suggested was fine.With my Norton's security package I think I have the kids under reasonable control but its always interesting to find out about different measures. Again I thank you both Ade

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