Can you revert back to Manual Shutdown

  Sethhaniel 09:41 30 Apr 07

instead of Automatic shutdown in XP

Where you can get the screen saying - 'it is now safe to switch off your computer'


  The Brigadier 09:50 30 Apr 07

Not in XP?

  Gongoozler 10:12 30 Apr 07

You MIGHT be able to do this by disabling ACPI either in BIOS or Windows BOOT.INI. I haven't tried it, and considering the problems people have had trying to cure the problem of computers not switching off properly I'm not going to try it on my computer. As The Brigadier says, it might not be possible in XP, and I don't know if XP even includes the 'it is now safe to switch off your computer' screen.

  Sethhaniel 10:29 30 Apr 07

PC's didn't have the facility to Autoshutdown - so if XP was loaded in to one of them what would happen???

this problem I have is because of a fault in the power supply not tripping the off switch - so a hard switch off is required to close computer down - maybe if the display screen can be changed after 'windows is saving your settings' the next screen is 'Windows is shutting down'
maye this can be tweeked to read 'Switch off manually' ??

  Stuartli 10:39 30 Apr 07

If you use Shut Down or Restart from the Start button, Windows will Save your settings and then inform you in a small panel that "Windows Is Shutting Down."

Equally, it's "Windows Is Starting Up" after the initial bootup stages.

  Gongoozler 10:43 30 Apr 07

I've just done a bit of investigation. I think XP originally had an APM tab in Control Panel - Power Options, and from there it was possible to untick "Enable Advanced Power Management Support", but I think this was removed with SP2.
You could look at this page click here, but although it looks like it refers to XP, I couldn't see anything that actually says what operating system it applies to. Unfortunately most of the documentation I could find was advising users how to PREVENT the 'it is now safe to switch off your computer' screen.

  Sethhaniel 11:27 06 May 07

made sure they were all firmly attached - and the problem has gone -
maybe the power lead not 100% in??
so thread ticked for now :)

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