Can you reduce the sensitivity of a touchpad?

I have a new notebook, as I wanted more portability I plunged from a 17" laptop to a 12.1" notebook and am very pleased. The only problem is that I tend to now rest my hands on the touchpad when typing- which jumps the cursor across the screen particularly when entering passwords. Once into windows I can switch the touchpad off altogether as I am using a mouse anyway, but is there a way of changing the touchpad sensitivity as I think it is probably set too high(I had to return the first notebook that I got and although that had other problems the touchpad wasn't as sensitive and I didn't have the same prob with it!)
Many thanks!
PS Got my first wireless lazer mouse and BOY is it whizzy and works on any surface!!

That would be a "Laser", mouse oops!!

  Halmer 09:49 10 Jan 09

then 'mouse' there should be a tab that will allow you to adjust a number of things including sensitivity.

Thanks- does "mouse" cover touchpad then?

  cruiser2 16:53 10 Jan 09

I get the weekly email newsletter from PC Adviser. When i click onto the various links I now get an eror message to say that Mozilla Firefox has crashed. I have no problem opening any web site directly from Mozilla Firefox.
I use Mozilla Thunderbird for emails.
I have Windows XP
As far as I am aware I have not changed my settings

  Sea Urchin 17:08 10 Jan 09

How about starting your own thread instead of hijacking another one on a completely different subject?

  Pineman100 17:08 10 Jan 09

This is Debe's thread. Please start your own.

  Pineman100 17:08 10 Jan 09

Sorry Sea Urchin. I must type faster!

Darn it! I thought I was getting a reply there LOL!
PS What has typing fast got to do with it??

  grey george 21:06 10 Jan 09

Both Sea Urchin and Pineman typed a reply to cruiser2 but Sea Urchin was first so Pineman said "I must Type Faster"

There should be a control panel icon for the touch pad but they may all be grouped together under pointing devices. On my laptop I use function and F10 to switch the pad on or off, but this after windows has started. There may be an option in the bios to switch the pad off permanently.

  Sea Urchin 22:35 10 Jan 09

If you always want to use a mouse then to enable/disable touch pad go to "Device Manager" (Control Panel/System/Hardware/Device Manager). Scroll down to "Mice and other pointing devices", expand and right-click on your touch pad, select install/uninstall. You may need to reboot the computer if requested.

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