Can you recommend a QUIET pc fan

  Dick_Dastardly 23:50 15 Dec 06

Looking to replace the case and CPU fans in my PC (it's an Evesham, and it sounds like a jet engine !) any I'm looking for decent quality, QUIET fans.

Any manufacturers I should be looking at ? Any stand out for quality, quiet components ?

Would really value your opinions

  goonerbill © ® 23:52 15 Dec 06

akasa and zulman make extremely good quiet fans. there are other makes which are just as good but the 2 companies named i have/am using there fans.

  Totally-braindead 00:07 16 Dec 06

Have a look on the overclockers forums lots of specialist advice there about cooling click here

  Technotiger 05:39 16 Dec 06

Hi, a lot of the noise can be very much eliminated by slowing down the speed of the fans, or even reducing the number of fans in a Tower case. My own pc was a major source of annoyance for my partner, as I have my pc in the 'livin-room' - I disconnected one fan, virtually no more noise, one happier partner. This has not affected the performance of my pc in any way whatsoever. In my case it was easy as I have one of those flashy see-through Tower Cases that have a fan in the centre of the side panel, that was the one I disconnected.
Anyway, explained and enlarged in more detail here ...
click here


  €dstowe 06:28 16 Dec 06

Check out click here

  dms05 08:12 16 Dec 06

Often it's not the fan but the shape and size of the baffles which allow air to enter/leave the box. Reducing the fans (or speed of the fans) reduces the noise made by air rushing through the baffles.

  baldtaco 08:37 16 Dec 06


  jack 09:43 16 Dec 06

Changing the CPU fan be a problem because of space and fixing considerations- Large diameter/slow speed is the way to go for low noise.
On the other hand the simple LOW COST way is to remove it,clean it and the surrounding heat sink fins thoroughly and lubricate the bearing [remove the foil bearing cover and a small drop of light[sewing machine]oil.[though other oils have been used- including on one occasion to my certain knowledge by a visiting 'PC Engineer' -sump oil off the end of the engine dipstick] but not WD40 this is not a lubricant

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