Can you recommend a kids paint programme (uk)

  Never again 06:34 24 Jun 03

I have an old pentium 100 pc running windows 98 and would like to give it to a friends 7 year old daughter, who likes to draw.

I wouls like the program to run from windows and not dos.I have paint school "paint and create" but this runs from dos and I can't get it to work properly

Can anyone recommend one - it can be an old version, ie it does not need to be current.


  musicbassman 06:46 24 Jun 03

Whats wrong with the standard MS Paint program, which I believe is installed by default on all MS operting systems.
My kids used this for years and got very proficient with it. It does help to set up a 'template' - i.e a blank page with a border round it which you will have checked prints out correctly every time, otherwise it can be very frustrating when a childs masterpiece decides to print out over two and a quarter sheets of A4.

  -pops- 07:37 24 Jun 03

Children get used to programs very quickly and they can also get bored equally as fast by using restricted and restrictive kids programs. If you want to use more than is offered by M$ Paint, already in Windows, get a copy of an older version of Serif DrawPlus or even PaintshopPro. These have been given free on cover disks recently. If not free, you can pick them up very cheaply.

Although these "real" programs may look daunting, it's surprising how quickly children become familiar with them and how quickly they become disillusioned with toy programs.

I use PaintShop Pro. My two grandchildren (5 and 9) are as adept with it as I am and even know how to do things I have difficulty with (rather embarrassing, being taught by your grand-daughter).


  Never again 07:51 24 Jun 03

Thanks for that.

Do you know of any that also have "colouring in" templates for the younger child?

  bowman 08:08 24 Jun 03

This may fit your requirements........

Orly's Draw-A-Story

click here

My daughter loves it, you can colour pictures, hear a story and loads of other things.

Hope this helps.

  seedie 08:42 24 Jun 03
  Bodi 09:55 24 Jun 03

for my grandchildren which were very reasonably priced and consisted of:

1) Paint program

2) A 3D creation program

3) A Picture Maker

4) 16 Games (very simple, but addictive)

5) Something called Face Factory which enables the child to make various faces from different samples.

These keep the grandchildren (from 5 - 10) amused for quite a long time.

See here:

click here &

purchased from:

click here

Should run without probs on your machine. These are set up on an old Pentium 200MMX.


  Bodi 09:57 24 Jun 03

the second site should have been:

click here

lost a W in the typing - sorry


  Agent Smith 10:06 24 Jun 03

Crayola is good We bought it for our Friends daughter. click here and it's only £2.99 at the moment.

  Octoz 13:37 24 Jun 03

I purchased an "Art Attack" CD some time ago which is excellent. It uses the creativity of the actual TV programme. Both my 9 and 6 year old love it ( So do I) very simple to use and includes the ability to animate drawings. I would think that you could probably buy it for around 19.99p (GBP)

  Never again 08:20 25 Jun 03

Thanks for your advice everyone.

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