can you recommend anti virus software please?

  K.E 10:19 08 Dec 06

My Norton AV is about to expire. I'm not sure whether to renew or if there is a better/ cheaper alternative? I'm due to get a new laptop in Jan so don't really want to spend a fortune now.

Many thanks


  birdface 10:27 08 Dec 06

One of the best free ones is AVG Anti-Virus+one of the best Firewalls is Kerio,And if you decide that you are going to delete Norton,Make sure you get the Norton removal tool,to remove it, And run C Cleaner after it just to make sure everything is deleted.

  pennyben 12:31 08 Dec 06

The best free AV at detecting viri is Anti Vir. Use this with Comodo FW and Spyware Terminatior and you will have a very good security suite for free.

If you wish to pay for protection Kaspersky or Anti Vir paid for version will protect you.

  oldbeefer2 15:15 08 Dec 06

Avast!, Zone Alarm and Microsoft Defender has kept me clean for months. There is a huge choice out there, though!

  rawprawn 15:17 08 Dec 06

click here a few of the forum members have been trying this which includes real time protection. I am quite impressed by it and think it worth recommending.
Don't go for the "Clam AntiVirus" which is bundled as an option just stick with the AntiSpyware program

  rawprawn 15:20 08 Dec 06

click here For the Security Suite to replace your Norton, if you are a Barclays online customer you can get the whole caboodle for £9.95 for 24 months.

  bluto1 22:59 08 Dec 06

click here or
click here.
Two really good Anti-virus programmes, but only download one of them, otherwise you`ll have conflict.

Also have a look at the second one I put up and download AVG Antispyware 7.5.

All are free so happy surfing.

  Ashrich 23:42 08 Dec 06

Don't think you can beat Nod32 if you want proper protection , you really do get what you pay for when it comes to Anti Virus software , think about the cost in time and money if your protection doesn't come up to scratch when you really need it . There is also an excellent forum for Nod click here that is monitored by expert resellers and Nod staff to answer all your questions and a good tutorial for a faultless " set and forget " setup .


  Sirpad 11:11 09 Dec 06

I'll second that one. Have been using Nod32 for a year now and have been very happy with it. I tried other AV's but prefer this one.

  Belatucadrus 12:14 10 Dec 06
  Input Overload 10:15 11 Dec 06

Belatucadrus, your site gets better & better!

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