can you printer share with a canon pixma ip1000??

  Superstylin 12:24 05 Sep 05

i have a wireless netowrk set up, with my pc hard wired to the router/modem and my laptop working wirelessly. i want to use my printer from the laptop but having trouble.

when i click 'share this printer' and click ok a warning box pops up saying 'printer settings could not be saved. Operation could not be completed'

what's goin on??

  Superstylin 12:31 05 Sep 05

it seems i can't share files either
'an error occured while trying to share 'my documents'the server service is not started. the shared resource was not created at this time'

  Superstylin 13:20 05 Sep 05

server service is back up and running. i had disabled it to save resources.

i'm still stuck though. i have enabled sharing for printer and files but i can't see them on my laptop. where are they??

  Superstylin 16:14 05 Sep 05

yes a canon pixma ip1000 can connect wirelessly. zone alarm was blocking the comp's ip's. sorted

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