Can you print frame grabs from DVDs ?

  Tinkey Winkey 17:33 17 Aug 03

Legalities aside,is it possible to print paused frames from commercial DVD films?I've tried using frame grabs from HyperSnap-DX.Although the captured image appears on screen - it won't print,all that prints is the viewer frame (InterActual Player ).I would be interested to know if anyone has managed to do this and with which programs.I would particuarly like to get a DVD Player with an inbuilt printing option.Does one exist !?

  Tinkey Winkey 19:42 17 Aug 03

(A DVD Playing Program I mean ).

  JFT 20:16 17 Aug 03

You can use WinDVD to capture an image from DVD, it saves it in a folder in "My Pictures" then open whatever screen grab you want with an image editor (ie Photoshop,Paintshop Pro etc) and print the image from there.

  leo49 20:24 17 Aug 03

Same with Cyberlink's Power DVD.

  Patr100 20:43 17 Aug 03

You can capture the image but as the resolution is likely to be the same as your screen , while it will look fine on screen, it may well print out very grainy and at a small size.

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