Can you loop in Windows movie maker

  Duncanf 02:06 AM 17 May 11

If anyone is around at this time in the morning could you tell me if there is a simple way to loop a 6 minute programme that I have compiled in windows movie maker. I'd like to leave it running on screen for about 20 minutes as people are arriving for a meeting.

  eedcam 05:42 AM 17 May 11

are you playing back in wmm if so does set it to repeat for the single clip. Workaround Just add the clips to create the time needed in the timeline

  Woolwell 10:14 AM 17 May 11

I may be missing something here but isn't the loop dependent on how it is played not how it is made?

  Duncanf 10:50 AM 17 May 11

Thanks for your replies. I'm playing it back via WMM and I just wondered if there was a facility that allowed it to loop continuously as you can do with a Powerpoint presentation.

  Duncanf 11:20 AM 17 May 11

The only way I've managed to do it is by copying and pasting the original timeline twice and then adding transitions at the right places on the two new copies. Thanks for your help!

  lotvic 13:01 PM 17 May 11

Why are you using Windows movie maker to PLAY it?


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