can xp send / rec faxes?

  jon55uk 17:25 21 Oct 03

running XP with broadband from BT with a BT Voyager modem.
Can i send or recieve faxes and if so how?

  froggg 17:29 21 Oct 03

yes-you may need to install it from your xp will,I think, have to use a dial up modem

  Lead 17:33 21 Oct 03

afaik you can't send faxes through a cable modem (broadband), it has to be dial-up faxmodem (as mentioned above). XP does have a fax feature though.

There are various companies on the web offering 'fax facilities', but I have never used them.

  pj123 17:53 21 Oct 03

Not with broadband, you still need an analogue modem to send/receive faxes. What you can do is go to click here and sign up for their fax to email service (which is what I do) it costs £20 per year but all incoming faxes go into your email inbox. You will still need an analogue modem to send faxes though. I have broadband and an analogue modem. I use the modem for sending faxes only, I use Supervoice which comes free on many modem installation disks.

  accord 22:21 21 Oct 03

same as pj123.

its was he who put me onto trinite and its fantastic, (if one can get over excited by fax servers that is)

click here

  jon55uk 12:33 22 Oct 03

Thanks all. Much appreciated.

  Stuartli 14:38 22 Oct 03

Tiscali offers a fax to e-mail service free, using the same method as the now lapsed FaxMe service.

You are given an exclusive 0871 xxx xxx number which is your fax number - anyone using it to send you a fax has a small proportion of the cost deducted as Tiscali's "reward".

I use XP's fax console (similar to the awfax.exe and wms.exe programs in Win98) to send faxes and the Tiscali number to receive them; this is necessary as obviously I don't know if a fax is coming because of using a dialup connection.

You have to place the Tiscali number on your cover sheet configuration.

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