Can wifi laptop be hardwired at same time

  nissanalmera 20:53 01 Feb 11

Hi,I have wifi laptop that I want to use for video to tv but obviously only using about half of download speed of hardwired desktop pc. Can I use ethernet cable hardwired on laptop while it is wifi or will this interfere with connection? Thanks

  Tim1964 23:15 01 Feb 11

What model laptop is it?

Are you hoping to connect the TV by ethernet AND use the wireless connection at the same time?

My HP Elite Pro disables the wireless connection when I plug in an ethernet lead and then automatically restores it when the cable is removed.

So, if it's like that then no.

  nissanalmera 09:22 02 Feb 11

Morning Tim1964 & l24,Thank you both for your responses.This silver surfer was in bed at your responses.Laptop Dell Studio 15 already wifi.I have virgin cable 20mb download with N connection.I usually get about this on hardwired desktop pc.Using laptop about 10mb on good days. I hope to use 30metre ethernet cable hardwired to laptop then hdmi to tv.After using to unplug I have been advised that this is viable.I do not intend to use laptop at same time ie wifi use.I was wondering if using ethernet cable hardwired to router would interfere with wifi set up once I had finished watching movie.Many thanks for help, Ian


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