Can Vibrations cause bad sectors?

  nufc2009 23:33 25 Apr 09

hi, yesterday i had to remove a 500gb hard drive because it had 8kb of bad sector - and wouldn't boot past the POST screen.

i swapped it out and put a 250gb hdd in i had lying around, CHKDSK shows no bad sectors on this disk but occasionally i can hear vibrations coming from the hard disk. Could this cause possible future bad sectors?


  DieSse 23:48 25 Apr 09

Depends what's vibrating and why. There will always be a minute vibration from the spindle motor - and there will be greater and intermittent vibrations from the actuator (the device that moves the heads).

If vibrations get too severe, then this might cause problems - but at such a stage the drive is beginning to mechanically fail anyway.

  nufc2009 12:41 26 Apr 09

i think the vibrations are coming from the chassis of the case, where the drive is installed. if i touch down on the hard drive gently the vibrations stop, its not mega loud but gets annoying, that and i wondered if smallish vibrations could got a hard drive to develop problems.


  citadel 14:52 26 Apr 09

you can get hard drive anti vibration kits.

  SB23 15:05 26 Apr 09

My old hd had a rubber sleeve around it, maybe for that very reason. I've not used it since, as it didn't fit the replacement, but couldn't you get a thin piece of rubber or sticky felt pads, attach to the hd, then refit to the chassis. I've seen it done, might cure the problem.

  nufc2009 15:15 26 Apr 09

worth a try i guess, if i can get in for all the wires in there!

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