Can someone please help me!

  honey chops 06:17 13 Dec 08

I am Honey Chops who posted the Desktop Crash on the 11th Dec.
I received very helpful advice from Fruit Bat (and others) and now have a burnt copy of XP Home but I am having a problem in installation, I posted a "please advise and help" last night and have had no response.
I am at my wits end, can someone PLEASE read my last posting headed "Desk Top Crash" and answer my query?

  tullie 06:32 13 Dec 08

You should have stuck to your original thread as they tend to get lost.No one would have answered because they go to bed.Im sure someone will be along to help at some stage of the morning.
You would be better putting a link to your original thread in this one.

  honey chops 06:43 13 Dec 08

how do I put a link to my original thread?

  tullie 07:01 13 Dec 08

like this i think
click here

  golfpro 07:03 13 Dec 08

Go to the original thread, Right click on the thread in the title bar, copy it, and paste it into this thread.

  tullie 07:03 13 Dec 08

When in original ink copy and paste your address bar into new posting.

  feb 07:11 13 Dec 08

This one? click here

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