Can someone just check this please?

  pcolvin00 13:41 09 Dec 03

I'm building my own computer, can some just check that these parts will go together for me please? I'm about to order it, but I just want someone to check compatability for me.

Enermax Technology Corporation 430W ATX 2.03 AMD/P4 Fan Adjust
Cooler Master SoA XP3200+
ASUS SoA nForce 2 ATX A L
Samsung 16*DVD, 52*52*24 Internal IDE OEM
PNY GeForce FX5900 Elutra 256MB DDR AGP RP DVI VIVO
AMD AthlonXP 3200 + 2.2Ghz 512Kb SoA 400FSB (might have to get the XP3000)
Western Digital Caviar 250GB SATA150
Crucial Technology 512MB 184pin DIMM PC3200 DDRRAM ECC-Registered CL3
Cooler Master Tower - No PSU
Creative Audigy 2 ZS Platinum Pro PCI
Mitsumi 1.44MB internal 3.5"

Yes I know this is a long post, and I know I've got an FDD but I do use it to take stuff to other people who might not have USB for pen drives.

  rickf 14:22 09 Dec 03

Only thing I can think of is to be on th safe side and get a 550PSU given the high powered components. Also you might one to add another h/d sometime in the near future and the higher PSU will ensure that you are able to cope with the upgrading.

  leo49 15:31 09 Dec 03

I'd save yourself over £100 by getting the XP2800 Barton and slightly overclocking it up to 3200 spec, and spend some of the savings on more memory - that was the approach I took a few weeks ago when building a similar spec PC. Just my opinion.

  duckers 15:55 09 Dec 03

Very nice PC indeed, however for that extra kick of graphices power I would get an ATI 9800 pr or XT, they blow the geforce cards out of the water in most respects and are roughly the same price.

  seancblack 16:16 09 Dec 03

just to be sure, what model is the motherboard?

  Gaz 25 17:19 09 Dec 03

Which should be Ok if it has a 400Mhz FSB.

Also, if you are a first time builder good luck and be careful with that spec, it costs a lot of you mess it up.

  pcolvin00 08:47 10 Dec 03

Not really interested in the overclocking route, had problems with my old computer doing this. It's OK now but I just don't want the hassle.
I should have put that I'm getting two sticks of RAM, totalling a Gig.
I am going to put a second hard drive in, just when I get the money.
This is not my first time build, but I will probably take it to college for a Hardware lesson and get the teacher to watch what I'm doing just to makes sure!
The graphics is PNY because they have a good reputation and have won quite a few awards, and it is slightly cheaper.
PSU - Will get the 550W PSU just in case, also had this suggestion from some1 at college so will follow this route.

  pcolvin00 08:48 10 Dec 03

that should have read "To all you helpful people.......".
Some1 shoot me please!

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