can someone help my friend

  Bodice 21:04 04 Jan 04

she has a lexmark z23 z33 printer, it all works except when she goes to print every thing prints in black but the colour doesnt work. Its a brand new cartridge and its worked fine before.

  Irishman 21:12 04 Jan 04

Control Panel-right click on printer-left click on maintenance-nozzle clean.

  MichelleC 21:12 04 Jan 04

'Its a brand new cartridge and its worked fine before. '

The printer or the cartridge?

  Pumas 21:12 04 Jan 04

check the default settings. It might be set to Grayscale.

  josie mayhem 21:13 04 Jan 04

Sounds like she got print in black only tick.

If you (from a application i.e word) file, click print then this should bring up the printer dialog box, click preferances, here you should find a colour tab, click colour tab, and check which box has been click. It will give a choice to print in black or colur, click on the colur selection.

In theory if you have a empty or doggy colour cartridge then the printer won't work at all. It needs both cardridges to work.

  Bodice 21:16 04 Jan 04

I'll get her to try all that, josie she doesn't have word or any other program like that as she got the pc from her parents, but thanks for you advice

  Irishman 21:28 04 Jan 04

Right click on printer-left click on preferences.

  bof:) 21:28 04 Jan 04

has she took the 'sticky' paper off the cartridge?

  Bodice 00:01 05 Jan 04

many thanks for your reply, she has been having trouble so im going to give it a try tomorrow she has no real knowledge of computers anyway, im sure if i get into trouble you will help me out.

once again thanks for your help.

  woodchip 00:04 05 Jan 04

Try this it may not be the printer Go to start\Settings\Printers and right click on the printer, then click properties, click print test page

  caterpilla 00:11 05 Jan 04

that lex will work with only one cartrdg and it doesnt need to be word print any thing then when it asks you to confirm clik prefrnces unclick use black ink only and bingo bango, (hopefully)hope it helps

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