Can someone else use my cgi-bin?

  slightlymad 00:56 18 Oct 06

A friend has signed up with a web host that doesn't provide for form scripts with his particular package.

Is it possible for him to set up a mail form directed to my cgi-bin?

  Taran 09:09 20 Oct 06

It would be simpler to have a link on your friend's site to a form somehwere on yours, which is processed by your CGI script.

The form handler CGI can be set to redirect to a thank you page back on your friend's site.

So we would have:

Your friend's site page >>

form on your site >>

form processed by CGI script on your site >>

CGI script sends user back to "thank_you.html" page on your friend's site.

If you need to keep it transparent you can put the form into an iFrame on your friend's site, which means the form is handled on yours but people don't see an address change in their browser address bar.

Don't go rolling out iFrames willy nilly though. They have serious accessibility issues, so should be used carefully.

There's a lot of online reference material on iFrames - here's a couple of better than average overviews on them: click here and click here

  slightlymad 16:09 20 Oct 06

Thank you very much, Taran, you've told me everything I need to know.

Excellent links, too.

I doubt if we'll use iFrames but it's interesting reading.

Thanks again.


  PurplePenny 20:44 20 Oct 06

You're back! :-))

Marie - sorry to hijack your post but I just have to send Mr T a big sloppy cyber kiss :-*

  Taran 21:37 20 Oct 06

Try to control yourself ;-)

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